Tailor made education

Apart from our general courses and classes, SCB offers customized education services in the areas of international and European Environment, Energy, Climate, Health and Safety. These services are tailored to your individual and/or corporate needs. 

Why? Because Knowledge Matters! Knowledge can give you an innovative, competitive advantage. SCB can rely on true experts in the fields around the globe. You may not have the time or the means to bring such expertise together to one table. It is also the most efficient and most budget-friendly way to ask questions and to raise the level of expertise of your group of people in a consistent manner. 

Are you sometimes looking for extra support alongside regular courses, or do you need additional support during the final preparation after private study or taking a course in your home country. In that case, it's also possible to work with one of our (junior) lecturers.

Who? We cater these trainings to individuals, industrial employees, universities, non-profit organizations, law firms, public institutions, local administration, etc. 

What? These programs will be developed together with you to meet your needs and desires and to keep in line with an agreed budget. We can, for example, assist you in translating or implementing UN Sustainability Goals in your institution from a social sciences and humanities perspective. We can update you on upcoming regulations and trends specific to your needs. Or we can train you on selected topics from an interdisciplinary point of view.  

After a free of charge intake session, we will develop a personal program. Those programs can take place at SCB, your venue, a venue of choice or via digital learning.  A specific timetable and budget will be discussed with you. 

How? Just contact us to find out more at