Deepsea Mining

08/11/2017, 09:00
Potterierei 4, 8000 Bruges

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Deepsea Mining : for or against the start of commercial deep seabed mining operations; a regulatory approach ! 


In August 2017, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) released the latest draft regulation on exploitation of mineral resources in the international seabed Area. As governments and companies gear up for the first commercial operations, it seems relevant to understand the type of resources lying on the seabed, the existing technology for its harvesting and extraction and the regulatory challenges facing the deepsea mining industry. 

8 November 2017 

Sustainability College Bruges 

Potterierei 4, B-8000 Brugge 

09.00-09.30h : Registration and coffee/tea  

09.30-09.45h : Welcome, by Kurt Deketelaere, Chairman SCB 

09.45-10.30h : What is “deepsea mining” (depths, deposit location, type of minerals, techniques and equipment used) ?, by Daniel Rincon, Legal Counsel, DEME 

10.30-10.45h : Q&A 

10.45-11.00h : Coffee/tea  

11.00–11.45h : What are the rules governing deepsea mining beyond national jurisdictions ?, by Daniel Rincon, Legal Counsel, DEME

11.45-12.00h : Q&A

12.00-12.10h : Conclusions, by Kurt Deketelaere, Chairman SCB   

12.10-13.00h : Reception and networking 

Participants price : 175 euro (VAT included) 

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