What is continuing education?

Continuing education provides educational opportunities offered to individuals and groups throughout their lifecycle. If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree, Continuing education courses will, in the case of SCB, upgrade your skills or expand your knowledge base in Environment, Energy, Climate, Health & Safety areas. SCB’s continuing education provides for flexible and innovative options, encompassing everything from intimate master classes to intensive certificate programs.

Why would I choose for SCB continuing education?

SCB stands for Investing in Knowledge for a Sustainable Future (see our Vision and Mission). As confirmed by educational policies worldwide, we believe that continuing education will play a vital role in the future. To be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment, education will become much more content-driven instead of format (degree)-driven. 

SCB’s continuing education focuses on key issues of and for society, i.e. Environment, Energy, Climate and Health & Safety. Those topics will be studied from a social sciences and humanities perspective. SCB can rely on a truly outstanding international network of top experts in these fields from renowned universities worldwide. For an individual it is almost impossible to get access to so much knowledge, experience and diversity during his/her life span, but SCB will make this nonetheless possible. Postgraduate Studies aim to deepen knowledge into a specific sector and provide a holistic overview of the key legal-policy issues relating to environment, energy, climate, health & safety, that one may face. Postgraduate participants can benefit from personal assistance, conduct an internship, enhance their skills and be evaluated on the basis of a thesis. SCB is flexible and allows participants to opt for one session to one or more modules from the Postgraduate Studies. SCB encourages critical and innovative thinking in the areas of environment, energy, climate, health & safety. 

What type of continuing education does SCB offer?

SCB offers Postgraduate Studies, seminars, conferences, breakfast/lunch meetings, and retirement learning. Please discover the full program at our website.

Does SCB offers degrees or certificates?

SCB does not offer bachelor, master of PhD degrees. Participants of continuing education activities of SCB receive a certificate, reflecting the benefit of having an educational experience from a highly reputable institution.

What kind of certificates does SCB offer?

1/ Certificates of attendance are awarded to participants upon attendance of one or more events.

2/ Certificates of participation are awarded to participants upon attendance and participation in one or more events.

3/ Certificates of evaluation are awarded to participants upon attendance, participation and (successful) evaluation in one or more events. 

For each of the continuing education events, the program will specify which certificates can be obtained. 

Enrollment and Payment

Who can enroll in continuing education classes?

Everybody can. However, some courses (e.g. Postgraduate Studies) may require a certain level of education or prior training in order to enroll. Be sure to read the “prerequisites” that may be listed for a course.

Do I have to be formally accepted into a continuing education course or program?

Enrolment requirements for continuing education programs vary, so it is best to read the prerequisites for each program or course separately. Generally, only Postgraduate Programs will require transcripts, TOEFL or equivalent scores, and other required information. 

How do I enroll in a continuing education program?

Participants are encouraged to visit the SCB website to find a suitable program that matches their needs. Once you have selected a course or program, you follow the registration instructions.  You will be asked to complete the registration form and submit the form, together with the requested documentation (if applicable) to SCB. Once registered, SCB will contact and inform you of your admission to the activity. Please do not hesitate to contact SCB at any time in case you require assistance.

When will I receive my course registration confirmation? 

If you register through SCB website, confirmation of receipt will be emailed without delay. Once your registration is confirmed (depending on the course requirements and the limited seats available), a confirmation will be emailed to you within 10 business days, including a map of how to get to SCB.

When are courses closed and how will I know?

Courses are closed when the enrolment fills to its capacity. If the enrolment is full, our website will be updated to reflect the course closure. On-site registrations will not be accepted if a course is full. Register early to secure your place. 

Does SCB offer discounts on any courses? 

This could happen from time to time. For complete registration and discount information, please review our continuing education programs and events.

What is the withdrawal & cancellation policy?

Please check the "Terms and Conditions" page as indicated at the bottom of the home page for complete details.

What is the course attendance policy?

To earn continuing education credit for a course, 100% attendance is required. Partial credit cannot be granted.

What are the benefits of pre-registering for a course?

Pre-registering for a course guarantees each registrant a place on the course roster for classes of limited size. Additionally, early registration minimizes the chance of your course(s) being cancelled due to insufficient enrolment. In case of cancellation, you may receive reimbursement in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions" as specified on SCB website.

Can I reserve a spot without payment?

No. Participants will not be added to any course until our office receives full payment.

Does SCB provide for financial aid to pay for continuing education programs? 

Unfortunately SCB does not have the financial means to offer financial aid and/or payment plans for continuing education programs. All courses must be paid for in full at the time of registration. There are several options for loans from private banks or scholarships that may be offered in your home country. In case you need specific documentation from us to support your loan, please do not hesitate to contact SCB. 

Some companies offer employee reimbursement options. We will accept payment from employers willing to pay for all or portions of your participation fee. An agreement may be worked out between the participant, employer and SCB.